Regal En Suite Bathroom


This client had a love for the Old World so we made it new again. The bathroom went down to its studs to achieve the vision of a Medieval bath space. Custom designed and painted tiles were selected, a bespoke custom shower curtain was fabricated, and a handmade shade designed and crafted with hand-sewn details to evoke the feeling of a corset. The antique Italianate chair was set with antique velvet, though resilient to water. The space featured a regal antique hand painted custom vanity made in Venice, Italy. It was retrofitted with an antique sink made of fine vintage china. The pumpkin lantern was a nod to the embellished candle lanterns of the medieval era, which played off the geometry of the tiles and the custom shower curtain. The wainscoting and crown molding were designed to add rectilinear geometries to complement and harmonize with the organic motifs within the tile.